CNX Corporation proudly presents the ATOMIC Planning & Execution System, a suite of applications configured to work with IBM System i (AS/400) shops running an System i™-based ERP system.

ATOMIC (Automated Total Order Management and Inventory Control) invigorates your facility’s operations with REAL-TIME DATA in an online forum, effectively streamlining the communication between customer service, planning, manufacturing and distribution.

The ATOMIC Planning & Execution System consists of several modules that collectively reengineer the way you fulfill customer orders. From product configuration to order entry, planning to production, quality control to product shipping … ATOMIC has the features you’re looking for at a price you can afford.

Here’s how the various ATOMIC modules bolt into the System i™-based ERP system:

Flow Diagram


Master Production Schedule

ATOMIC MPS (Master Production Schedule) supplements the PRMS MPS and MRP modules by transforming the batch process of communicating requirements between customer service and production planning into an interactive one.

User-Defined Specifications

ATOMIC UDS (User-Defined Specifications) allows companies to define and maintain equipment/process specifications to suit their particular data needs (it’s like having a version of Microsoft Access™ on your System i machine).

Shop Floor

ATOMIC SF (Shop Floor) provides an online communication medium between customer service reps, production planners, machine operators and inventory control personnel.

Label Management

ATOMIC LM (Label Management Module) works as a front-end tool to TL Ashford’s Barcode/400 product by associating label formats with specific products and/or customers and directing the label to the most appropriate barcode printer (based on label size, ribbon color, printer availability, etc.).

Radio Frequency / Inventory Control

ATOMIC RF (Radio Frequency/Inventory Control) is RFID compatible and uses thermal image bar code printers and wireless RF terminals/scanners to process inventory transactions in real time. Facilitates on-line work order picks/returns, inventory movement, customer order and replenishment order picks and automatic shipment confirmation.

Web Portal

Our Web Portal provides your customers with an unprecedented level of detail regarding the orders they’ve placed with your company. ATOMIC Web Portal runs native on your AS/400 and is typically set up as an “order inquiry” link on your company’s web site.


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