Use Valence to pull data from other database servers

We’re long past the days where a single on-site server could handle all the IT needs of a typical business.  Today it’s likely your IBM i system is supplemented by a myriad of separate servers — perhaps even additional IBM i boxes or partitions — each housing its own database.  These isolated machines contain valuable information pertinent to the departments […]

Give your users the ultimate data drill-down app with a Pivot Grid

One of the most common requirements in a modern business application is the need to present users with easily digested summaries of data in list form.  The ability for inquiring minds to quickly and easily drill down into that summarized data to glean specific details where needed is an added bonus.  As such, the Ext JS […]

Who knew you could do that in Valence?

Since we first introduced Valence to the IBM i community at the RPG World conference back in 2008, we’ve received a lot of emails and support forum posts from developers looking for information on how to achieve certain things with the Valence Framework.  Beginning with Valence 4.0, whenever we received a question that was asked frequently, or covered […]

Fun with summary functions and column rendering on Nitro Query grids

By far the most popular UI component in the Valence modernization framework is the subfile-on-steroids known as the Ext JS grid.  And for IBM i developers and super users alike, there is simply no faster way to roll out a web or mobile application exploiting this powerful functionality than through the grid widget in Valence’s Nitro Query tool. In recent […]