Controlling the colors in your charts and graphs

Nitro Query apps containing charts or graphs can make conveying your company’s business trends or performance metrics much more effective than showing raw numbers alone.  It’s particularly common (and easy) to create a dashboard app that includes a grid of monthly sales details supplemented by a chart showing month-to-month performance.  This adds some great context […]

Create an intuitive grid app with row selection, processing multiple transactions at once

Just about every business has a situation where users need to perform a single process against multiple items in one pass.  For example, you might have a list of open invoices that you’d like to flag as ready for payment, or a group of inventory items that you would like to transfer out of a special […]

Correcting issue with partially visible window on migrated AutoCode apps

Older Valence file maintenance apps created through Nitro AutoCode can sometimes exhibit a display problem upon migration to Valence 5.1.  This can also be true for AutoCode-based file maintenance apps created in 5.1 builds prior to 5.1.20171202.0.  The most common symptom is that a portion of the edit/add window displays outside of the portal boundary, […]

Make your Yes/No grid columns POP with checkmarks instead of text

Wrapping up 2017 with a simple but powerful tip for Nitro Query grid apps… Very often lists of business data include columns that can be classified as boolean, with text representing values of yes/no, true/false, 1/0, etc.  When you’re creating a Nitro Query grid app that includes such columns, you can make “truthy” values stand out […]

Use Nitro iAdmin to Watch for Messages and Monitor Subsystems

Power Servers running IBM i are remarkably stable systems, to such a degree that it’s easy to overlook those rare occasions when something on the system has gone awry and requires operator attention. When an exception does occur, many IBM i sites have third party monitoring tools or home-grown software in place to notify system administrators that an issue has occurred that may require some […]

Use Valence to pull data from other database servers

We’re long past the days where a single on-site server could handle all the IT needs of a typical business.  Today it’s likely your IBM i system is supplemented by a myriad of separate servers — perhaps even additional IBM i boxes or partitions — each housing its own database.  These isolated machines contain valuable information pertinent to the departments […]

Give your users the ultimate data drill-down app with a Pivot Grid

One of the most common requirements in a modern business application is the need to present users with easily digested summaries of data in list form.  The ability for inquiring minds to quickly and easily drill down into that summarized data to glean specific details where needed is an added bonus.  As such, the Ext JS […]