Fun with summary functions and column rendering on Nitro Query grids

By far the most popular UI component in the Valence modernization framework is the subfile-on-steroids known as the Ext JS grid.  And for IBM i developers and super users alike, there is simply no faster way to roll out a web or mobile application exploiting this powerful functionality than through the grid widget in Valence’s Nitro Query tool. In recent […]

Using a Validation Program with Nitro Query’s Edit Grid Widget

One of the most powerful widgets available in Nitro Query is the Edit Grid.  Traditionally queries are read-only, but with an Edit Grid you can actually allow users to update records in a single-file data source — right from within the query itself!  In some cases you may find you can simply create a query for data entry in lieu of coding an […]

Creating Complex JSON Arrays in RPG

In order to provide data to more intricate UI elements in Ext JS such as trees or collapsible grids with nested lists, you will often find it necessary for your RPG programs to create JSON strings containing arrays within arrays.  While the Valence RPG Toolkit includes plenty of vvOut functions for sending JSON data that originates as an RPG variable, a data structure, a simple […]

Adding Click Events to a Nitro Query

One common trait we see at companies small and large is that users have a seemingly insatiable appetite for queries, dashboards and Excel downloads. Fortunately, the Nitro Query app included with Valence provides a great mechanism for quickly whipping out these kinds of apps without any programming.  With Valence 5, in addition to completely reengineering […]