Chicago, IL. CNX announced today that it expects to release the newest version of ATOMIC in July 2006. This new release, version 3.5, adds two new modules to the existing ATOMIC product line: ATOMIC Sales & Operations Planning (SOP) and ATOMIC Cycle Counting (CC). The ATOMIC SOP module assists users in making micro-level production decisions based on forecasts done at various macro-level gross sales categories.

The system analyzes forecast and sales information, feeds it to a flexible hierarchical structure and allows for easy manipulation based on input from sales personnel. The resulting “forecast and production plan pyramid” can then be refined by users at any level with relative ease. For example, users can increase output of an entire distribution channel or other hierarchical level by a specific percentage or an across-the-board amount, or they can be more selective and change the output of a single product. The changes are then rolled down, up and across the hierarchy to show impact on multiple areas. The resulting data can be fed into the forecasting workbench to drive manufacturing and procurement plans.

The ATOMIC CC module builds off of the existing ATOMIC RF module, allowing users to perform highly efficient cycle-count operations without paperwork. Using wireless terminals, users lock a location for cycle counting, enter counts, verify variances and perform adjustments on-the-fly without any complicated setup. Cycle count directives can also be queued up automatically by regular material handlers whenever they come across variances or oddities during the course of picking or moving materials. The ATOMIC RF module is a prerequisite to the ATOMIC CC module. Look for more information regarding ATOMIC 3.5 in the coming weeks.

For an interactive demonstration of the latest ATOMIC features, visit the on-line demos section of the CNX web site at, or schedule a WebEx demo by calling (312) 251-0840, x102