Las Vegas, NV. In conjunction with the SSA-GT user convention, CNX Corporation is pleased to announce the compatibility of ATOMIC version 3.0 with the latest release of PRMS, version 9.2. Nexgen Software Technologies of Naperville, IL, a leading provider of upgrade services to PRMS organizations worldwide, is a CNX partner licensed to install and support the ATOMIC Planning & Execution System.

With SSA-GT’s release of PRMS version 9.2, Nexgen’s comprehensive expertise at facilitating the upgrade process adds additional value to this partnership with CNX by streamlining the complex process of upgrading from earlier versions of PRMS. “There is a fair amount of pressure now throughout the PRMS install base to upgrade beyond version 8.4, which as of today is three full versions behind SSA-GT’s latest offering,” explains Rob Swanson, CNX President. “By functioning in both the 8.4 and 9.2 environments, ATOMIC makes the upgrade process much less daunting as it provides a mechanism for heavily modified 8.4 sites to reduce or eliminate their outgrown custom modifications for the shop floor. Nexgen supports all this by providing an efficient ‘one-stop shopping’ opportunity for both the ATOMIC installation and the PRMS upgrade.”

For a typical shop running PRMS 8.4, the ATOMIC installation and PRMS upgrade to version 9.2 involves a two step process. First, the ATOMIC software is installed and configured to function in the existing 8.4 environment, supplanting outdated custom programs where possible (ideally, only custom programs outside the realm of ATOMIC would remain active). Then, Nexgen consultants employ their analysis and upgrade procedures to migrate a “mostly-vanilla” 8.4 shop to the 9.2 environment. ATOMIC readily adapts to the new environment through a single global control setting. “By pairing Nexgen’s proven upgrade methodology with CNX’s ATOMIC system, PRMS shops now have a unique opportunity to upgrade to PRMS 9.2, eliminate old custom code and get tremendous new functionality through ATOMIC all at the same time,” says Alwyn Francis, Nexgen Vice President, Services. “Obviously we’re very excited about being able to offer this service to our clients through our exclusive arrangement with CNX.”

About Nexgen

Since 1990, Nexgen Software Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Naperville, IL, has provided implementation and custom modification services to CA-PRMS™, WorldSoftware™, and eBPCS™ users. The company also develops and markets the NexgenEuro™ automated Euro conversion tool, as well as NexgenCommerce™ for WorldSoftware from J.D. Edwards®, for eBPCS from SSA Global Technologies, Inc. and for CA-PRMS from Computer Associates International Incorporated. For more information, contact Alwyn Francis, Vice President, Services, Nexgen Software Technologies, Inc. at +1 630/300-6000, or via e-mail to Information is also available on the World Wide Web at

For an interactive demonstration of the latest ATOMIC features, visit the on-line demos section of the CNX web site at, or schedule a WebEx demo by calling (312) 251-0840, x102