Achieves “Select Partner” Status for Ext JS, Sencha Touch Development

Chicago, IL CNX Corporation, a leader in enterprise application development, announced today it has finalized a professional services partnership with Sencha Inc of Redwood City, California. As a Sencha Select Partner, CNX is now formally recognized as a specialist in applying Sencha technologies to web and mobile applications. Under this partnership, CNX will work more closely with Sencha in sharing resources and opportunities. “We’re quite excited to have achieved this partnership status, as it highlights our professional aptitude with the Sencha UI technologies that are critical to the look and feel of applications we develop for our customers,” said Richard Milone, Chief Technical Officer of CNX. “Very few companies have attained this level of recognition with Sencha, and we’re the first Select Partner firm certified in the Midwest.”

In order to become a Select Partner, CNX was required to demonstrate a high degree of proficiency in design and programming using Sencha’s flagship products, Ext JS and Sencha Touch. The review process included a formal certification of CNX developers’ Sencha-specific education and a detailed audit with Sencha engineers of completed client software projects. “This formal partnership status with Sencha confirms our dedication to writing logically structured, easily modified and extendable Ext JS and Sencha Touch code for our clients using best practices,” said Milone. “It’s an important distinction of quality for the code our developers create at CNX.” “We're thrilled to welcome CNX to the program,” said Jeff Hartley, VP of Services at Sencha. “They have proven expertise with Sencha products, and we’re very excited to work with them as a Select Partner.”

About Sencha

Sencha’s application frameworks, tools and cloud services empower developers to create high quality applications based on Web standards that can run on an unprecedented number of devices, platforms and browsers. The company’s flagship product, Sencha Complete, includes industry-leading JavaScript frameworks, tools, and services. More than 1.6 million developers worldwide at more than 150,000 companies use the Sencha family of products to build highly functional and robust desktop and mobile applications to run their business. For additional details please visit their website.