Includes all-new mobile app for administering IBM i while on-the-go

Chicago, IL CNX announced today the general availability of version 3.2 of the Valence Framework for IBM i. Valence Framework 3.2 features a complete reengineering of the desktop and mobile portals, and includes an exclusive new app for addressing common IBM i administrative tasks from a smartphone or tablet. “Mobile apps have taken center stage in recent years with the explosive adoption of smartphones and tablets, and I strongly believe that Valence is the best framework out there for building these types of apps,”said Richard Milone, CNX Chief Technical Officer. “The new Nitro iAdmin app is a prime example of the power of the Valence development methodology – it was built entirely with the Valence Framework, does not use screen-scrapping in any way, and has a world-class mobile user interface.”

Nitro iAdmin, included as part of the Valence Framework, represents the newest addition to the Nitro family of apps introduced in prior Valence Framework releases, which includes Nitro File Editor for displaying/editing IBM i database files in a browser, and Nitro App Builder for building browser-based query and dashboard apps with no programming. Nitro iAdmin is also available to the IBM i community as a standalone app, downloadable from the CNX website as self-contained software that does not require the Valence Framework. The Nitro iAdmin app can also be sampled without download by navigating to in a mobile browser, which runs the app directly from an IBM i partition at CNX for demonstration purposes. “Although many software vendors have released commercial products using Valence Framework technology, the Nitro iAdmin standalone app marks CNX’s first foray into the standalone app market,” said Milone. “It broadens our reach to the IBM i community, as Nitro iAdmin is a utility that can be put to work regardless of your company’s web or mobile development strategy.”

In addition to the Nitro iAdmin app, Valence Framework 3.2 features reengineered desktop and mobile portals for optimal performance and usability. Desktop apps can now utilize the browser’s entire window, unimpeded by a toolbar or header, and mobile apps now occupy a single tab in the mobile browser regardless of how many apps are launched. Valence Framework 3.2 also includes new versions of Ext JS (4.1.1) and Sencha Touch (, so developers can utilize the latest front-end components in conjunction with their server-side RPG programs. A complete list of included enhancements is listed in the Valence Framework Release History forum at

The core Valence Framework remains free to all IBM i developers under terms of a “Community” License. Premium features, including the Nitro apps, are activated on a per-machine basis for an unlimited number of users and developers under the terms of an “Enterprise”License. The new Nitro iAdmin app, whether downloaded standalone or as part of the Valence Framework, is fully functional for 30 days upon download. After 30 days the app continues to function in an “inquiry-only”capacity until a license key is applied. As an introductory promotion, the Nitro iAdmin app is available for $995 per licensed IBM i through December 31, 2012, after which it will revert to its standard price of $1495. The Valence Enterprise license remains priced at $4995 per IBM i. Valence Framework 3.2 is the ninth major release of the Valence Framework since it was first launched in May 2008.

For additional Valence Framework 3.2 details, and to download the software, please visit