BATH, UK. Dancerace plc announces today the selection of CNX Corporation's Valence Framework as the core web technology for the next version of C3.  The addition of the Valence Framework as a core technology to Dancerace’s C3 invoice finance management software will give the product a state-of-the art rich user interface. "We've created some fantastic interfaces over the years using RPG and green screen technology, in fact taken it to the limits,” says Anthony Avison, Chief Executive Officer of Dancerace.  “But there’s only so far you can take the green screen. 

A rich browser interface is the clear choice going forward, and Valence gives us an excellent technology base for fusing our powerful RPG back-end business logic with a robust, rich and user-friendly front end." Dancerace and CNX development teams in the U.K. and U.S. have been working together to create the new Version 5 of C3, which will go live by the end of 2010.  This version of C3 will operate within a modified Valence Portal, offering users functionality not currently available in the green screen version, while still maintaining continuity with previous versions. "We're looking at adding many types of user-empowering features to C3 with the next version," says Avison, “including intuitive wizards and dashboards.  I expect these enhancements will be very well received by C3 users."

About Dancerace

Headquartered in Bath, U.K., Dancerace designs, builds and supports the world's most powerful, reliable, affordable and easy to deploy invoice finance management software. Servicing customers in all seven continents, Dancerace hosts its IBM i-based solutions out of twin data centres in Bath to ensure the utmost in both reliability and performance. For additional details, please visit

About CNX

Headquartered in Chicago, CNX Corporation designs and markets the Valence Web Application Framework for IBM i. Designed from the ground‐up explicitly for RPG programmers, Valence employs Ext JS JavaScript components on the front‐end and communicates directly with RPG business logic on the back-end. Valence is available for free under the terms of the Community Developer License, or can be commercially licensed under either a Professional Developer or OEM license. For additional details, please visit