Naperville, IL. Nexgen Software Technologies, Inc., the world’s largest independent provider of CA-PRMS™ related products and services, and CNX Corporation, developers of ATOMIC, have partnered to better serve CA-PRMS users. Nexgen will install and support ATOMIC™. ATOMIC (Automated Total Order Management and Inventory Control) was developed by experienced CA-PRMS users to enhance a company’s CA-PRMS investment and empower the shop floor with live interdepartmental data. ATOMIC offers manufacturing companies the opportunity to improve shop floor management as well as customer relations by providing an environment for accurate communication between production and the back office. The ATOMIC software suite includes six modules.

The numerous execution screens are designed explicitly for machine operators and material handlers. “We are very excited to be partnering with CNX,” said Theresa Brown, Nexgen’s PRMS Practice Manager. “We have many customers who could benefit from ATOMIC. We’re always open to opportunities that help us better serve our customers. ATOMIC continues on this tradition. The product has been kept up to date with the latest PRMS enhancements and utilizes the latest technology. The modules are very well organized to allow for a smooth implementation and low learning curve by users of all levels. I am looking forward to working with CNX and ATOMIC to create a positive business solution for our customers.”

Chicago-based CNX Corporation ( specializes in bolt-on enhancements for ERP applications that run on the IBM iSeries 400 (formerly AS/400) platform. “This agreement is a win for all,” says Richard Milone, co-owner of CNX. “PRMS users win by having ATOMIC support available from a multifaceted, comprehensive solutions company like Nexgen. It’s good for Nexgen because it adds to their solutions. In addition, it’s good for CNX because it allows us to focus on continued development, which is a win for the PRMS users and Nexgen. The feedback we get from Nexgen and the user base drives the development, and that is good for all.”

About Nexgen

Since 1990, Nexgen Software Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Naperville, IL, has provided implementation and custom modification services to CA-PRMS™, WorldSoftware™, and eBPCS™ users. The company also develops and markets the NexgenEuro™ automated Euro conversion tool, as well as NexgenCommerce™ for WorldSoftware from J.D. Edwards®, for eBPCS from SSA Global Technologies, Inc. and for CA-PRMS from Computer Associates International Incorporated. For more information, contact Alwyn Francis, Vice President, Services, Nexgen Software Technologies, Inc. at +1 630/300-6000, or via e-mail to Information is also available on the World Wide Web at

For an interactive demonstration of the latest ATOMIC features, visit the on-line demos section of the CNX web site at, or schedule a WebEx demo by calling (312) 251-0840, x102