CHAPEL HILL, NC. Symmetrical Solutions announced the next release of Protivity today at its annual user conference in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  The Wisconsin-based company has selected CNX Corporation’s Valence Framework to provide the core web technology for this next release of Protivity, currently in the final stages of product development. “Making our software easy to use is our top priority,” said Bob Dzialowski, Symmetrical Solutions managing partner.  “The Valence framework, with its intuitive portal functionality and robust back-end server support, provides a fantastic basis for delivering the user-friendly Web 2.0 features our Protivity users require.”

Programmers from Symmetrical Solutions have been working with developers at CNX to migrate the various modules comprising Protivity, many of which had been available in green screen only, over to the Valence framework.  Some of the new Valence-enabled features were demonstrated at the user conference today. “The attendees who saw today’s sneak peak of the new software were very excited by what they see coming,” Dzialowski said.  “The web applications in the current version of Protivity require Internet Explorer and have somewhat rigid functionality. 

Our new Valence-enabled version of Protivity is both faster and compatible across all browsers.  It can even support multiple instances running at the same time on multiple tabs.” Among the more popular Protivity features is its “Key Indicators” module, which provides management with data mining and reporting functionality over Protivity data.  The Valence-enabled version of Key Indicators takes these features to the next level, with flexible grids and charts making it easier than ever for users to analyze their multitudes of data. “We’ve got millions of lines of time-tested RPG code behind Protivity,” said Dzialowski, “so we’re excited to be preserving the investment in these programs as they’re retrofitted to work with the next generation Web 2.0 interface Valence provides. General release of Protivity 3.1 is expected in October 2010.

About Symmetrical Solutions

Headquartered in Germantown, WI, Symmetrical Solutions designs, builds and supports the Protivity software suite, helping member-oriented organizations efficiently manage their business operations.  Protivity has over 200 installations at YMCAs, YWCAs, JCCs and Boys & Girls Clubs, as well as other types of membership-oriented organizations including Parks and Recreation Departments, Community Centers and Zoos.  For additional details, please visit

About CNX

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, CNX Corporation develops and markets the Valence Web Application Framework for IBM i.  Designed from the ground‐up explicitly for RPG programmers, Valence employs Ext JS JavaScript components on the front‐end and communicates directly with RPG business logic on the back-end.  Valence runs entirely through the IBM i’s integrated Apache server -- no additional severs or hardware is required.  Valence is available for free under the terms of a Community Developer License, or can be commercially licensed under either a Professional Developer or OEM license.  For additional details, please visit