ANKENY, IA. In a concerted effort to streamline its scheduling and material picking operations, Tone Brothers, makers of Spice Islands, Durkee and Tones brand spices, successfully implemented the ATOMIC SF module at its suburban Des Moines facility on May 21. Tones uses ATOMIC’s discrete work order scheduler to publish and maintain machine schedules on-line and to interactively predict when jobs will start and finish. The ability to change machine schedules on a moment’s notice, concurrently recalculating work order start dates and times, has transformed the shop floor’s ability to respond quickly to changing customer requirements. “ATOMIC has improved Tones manufacturing flexibility and communication in the plant, resulting in improved service to our customers,” says Tom Staton, Distribution Manager.

ATOMIC’s production reporting tools are tightly integrated into the machine schedules, which greatly reduces the number of keystrokes necessary to report manufacturing information against work orders. The Tones facility has leveraged this feature to simplify the process of feeding production data to PRMS. “ATOMIC’s method of production reporting has improved the inventory accuracy of finished goods,” says Staton. “This has allowed us to reduce inventories and decrease the cost of cycle counting and correcting errors.”

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