CNX Support. The new features included with Valence 4.2 are summarized in last month's Cat-out-of-the-Bag post, with one significant addition: The mobile version of Nitro iAdmin is now included with the Valence Framework. This handy mobile app makes it possible to perform common IBM i administrative tasks while you're on-the-go with your SmartPhone. Common uses of iAdmin inclue answering jobs in MSGW status, reenabling disabled users or devices, monitoring system load, viewing or moving spool files, and much more. As with previous new Valence releases, all Enterprise-level features in Valence 4.2 are automatically available free to all sites for 90 days after installation, regardless of license status. Valence Enterprise features bring tremendous value to IBM i sites through a collection of "Nitro" tools, which include:

  • iAdmin - as described above (includes both Desktop and Mobile versions)
  • File Editor - allows you to view or edit IBM i database files in your browser
  • Source Editor - a browser-based editor for navigating your IFS directory; Allows for direct editing of JavaScript, HTML and now PHP files.
  • AutoCode - automatically creates a fully functioning maintenance or inquiry app based on a physical file name or SQL statement
  • Query - for creating simple dashboard-type apps with no programming
  • Spool File Viewer - view any spool file as a PDF
  • Instance Manager - makes it easy to create new Valence instances and apply framework updates when they're released

Please note that Valence 4.2 will be the final release to support IBM i sites running V5R4.  Effective with Valence 5.0, the minimum OS level supported with be 6.1.