CNX Announces General Release of Valence 5

Focuses on user experience and tools for modernizing IBM i applications; Provides mechanism for quickly building new apps, queries and dashboards

May 16, 2016 NEW ORLEANS, LA.  CNX announced at the COMMON 2016 Annual Meeting and Exposition today the general availability of version 5 of the Valence Framework for IBM i. Valence 5 features a completely reengineered web portal for logging into Power System servers running IBM i, as well as a revamped tool for generating browser-based queries and dashboards with no programming.

The main focus for this newest Valence release is on helping RPG developers provide the most optimal user experience possible in their applications. “We believe IBM i apps should be as good or better than any apps on any platform,” said Richard Milone, CNX Chief Technical Officer. “Valence 5 fulfills this objective by taking a ‘user interface-first’ approach to app development and making it readily available to developers throughout the IBM i community.” Valence 5 is integrated with the new Ext JS 6 framework from Silicon Valley-based Sencha, a CNX partner. Ext JS 6 provides UI components for building feature-rich cross-platform web applications targeting desktops, tablets and smartphones. The integration of this framework with Valence provides IBM i developers great flexibility in crafting the look and feel of their apps. “With Ext JS and Valence, we’re capitalizing on the emerging convergence of devices of multiple shapes and sizes being used to interact with corporate systems,” said Milone. In addition to its appeal to developers, Valence 5 also includes features that will be of great interest to IBM i “super users” or non-developers who have a solid understanding of their company’s database.

Through the Nitro family of utilities bundled with Valence 5, users with proper authority can create dashboards or query applications with no coding, view and edit records in physical files, manage common IBM i administrative tasks, view spool files and more. The Nitro Query app in particular has undergone significant changes for this release. With Nitro Query, database-savvy users can quickly create data sources based on IBM i physical files, map the output into visual components such as charts, graphs or grids, then assemble these components into dashboard and inquiry-type applications that can be accessed from within the Valence Portal or via a special URL.

Nitro AutoCode has also been updated for this Valence release to produce Ext JS 6-based desktop or mobile apps. This tool makes it possible for IBM i developers to create fully functional file maintenance or grid-based inquiry apps for their users in under a minute. The apps can then be further extended by developers through any source editor, including Sencha Architect, an intuitive drag-and-drop style visual editor designed explicitly for Ext JS development. “Nitro AutoCode and Nitro Query together make it possible for anyone who downloads Valence to produce an instant ‘win’ for their users,” said Milone. “It means even developers who have zero experience in web or mobile app development can be immediately productive to create tremendous value for their companies.”

The core Valence Framework remains free to all IBM i sites, for up to five concurrent users, under terms of a “Community Developer” License. Premium development features, including the Nitro apps, are activated on a per-IBM i partition basis for an unlimited number of users and developers under terms of an “Enterprise” License. Valence can also be licensed commercially by software companies looking to give their IBM i applications a modern user interface. For additional Valence 5 details, and to download the software, please visit About CNX: Headquartered in Chicago, IL, CNX Corporation develops and markets Valence Framework for IBM i. Designed explicitly for developing IBM i web and mobile apps, Valence Framework uses Sencha Ext JS for the user interface and communicates directly with RPG business logic on IBM Power System servers running IBM i. Valence Framework includes a multilingual web portal for logging in and launching applications, and runs entirely through the IBM i integrated Apache server – no additional severs or hardware is required. For more information visit .