GDANSK, POLAND.  CNX announced at the COMMON Europe Congress today the general availability of a Polish language version of the Valence Portal for IBM i.  Released as an update to Valence Framework 4.1, the addition of Polish brings the total number of spoken languages available in the Valence Portal to nine, including English. The other included languages are German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Japanese. 

Polish Flag

“Many corporations running their businesses on Power Systems with IBM i are increasingly finding themselves catering to a multinational user base,” said Robert Swanson, Senior Partner at CNX.  “Like other European countries, Poland has a sizable IBM i community, and with this latest addition to the Valence Portal, Polish users can use their browsers to log in and interact with their IBM i in their native tongue.”

Developers can use Valence to create and deploy their own browser or mobile-based apps running on IBM i in whatever spoken language they choose.  It’s also possible to add languages beyond the nine included by default in the Framework.

“With this latest update to Valence we’re supplying the requisite Polish literals for the basic portal operation,” Swanson explained.  “Of course, it’s up to the individual developers to provide literals for their own custom apps.  And if they want to make their apps function in multiple languages as well, the tools are there to handle that quite easily.”

The front-end of the Valence Framework includes Ext JS and Sencha Touch, advanced user interface components from Silicon Valley-based Sencha.  These tools, combined with the Valence Portal and Valence RPG Toolkit, allow for the development of state-of-the-art HTML5-based applications that communicate with RPG programs on IBM i.  Valence also includes integration with Sencha Architect, a visual design and coding tool that makes it possible for IBM i developers to “drag and drop” their way to creating the front-end of their desktop and mobile apps. 

The core Valence Framework remains free to all IBM i developers under terms of a “Community Developer” License.  Premium features, such as Nitro AutoCode, are included with each Community Developer download for an automatic 90 day trial.  Afterward these features can be activated on a per-partition basis, for an unlimited number of users and developers, under the terms of an “Enterprise” License.  The price of a Valence Enterprise license remains at $9995 per IBM i partition.  Licenses for additional partitions can be purchased for a reduced cost.

Valence Framework 4.1 is the eleventh major release of the Valence Framework since it was first launched in May 2008.  For additional Valence Framework 4.1 details, and to download the latest version of the software, please visit

About CNX: Headquartered in Chicago, IL, CNX Corporation develops and markets the Valence Framework for IBM i and various other apps based on Valence Framework technology.  Designed explicitly for RPG programmers to develop dynamic IBM i-based web applications, Valence Framework uses Sencha Touch and Ext JS JavaScript components for the front-end user interface and communicates directly with RPG business logic on the back-end.  Valence Framework includes a multilingual web portal for logging in and launching applications, and runs entirely through the IBM i integrated Apache server – no additional severs or hardware is required.  Valence Framework is available for free to IBM i developers under the terms of a Community License, or can be commercially licensed under either an Enterprise Edition or OEM Developer license.  For additional details, please visit