Use tool tips to reduce congestion on your grids

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If you're a Valence developer with a fair amount of 5250 subfile programming under your belt, you certainly don't miss the days of creatively abbreviating columns and "folding" rows in an effort to squeeze everything your users need into a 24x80 text screen.  By contrast, creating a Valence grid app through Nitro App Builder is so simple and naturally accommodating for large numbers of columns that it can be tempting to include everything under the sun in your grids so users never go wanting for additional data.

Make your Yes/No grid columns POP with checkmarks instead of text

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Wrapping up 2017 with a simple but powerful tip for Nitro Query grid apps... Very often lists of business data include columns that can be classified as boolean, with text representing values of yes/no, true/false, 1/0, etc.  When you're creating a Nitro Query grid app that includes such columns, you can make "truthy" values stand out much more clearly by replacing the column text with a visual checkmark.