When One App Talks to Another, Good Things Happen!

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As your repository of Valence apps grows, you may soon find occasion where you'd like to “spawn” one app from another in the Valence Portal. For example, you may have a simple inventory lookup app that you could launch whenever someone clicks on a line on a customer order, passing in the corresponding product number so the user doesn’t have to re-enter it manually. That same inventory lookup app could also be launched when clicking on an item in, say, a purchase order app. And so on. This kind of functionality inter-app functionality can serve as a great convenience your users.

CNX Announces Release of Valence Framework 4.1

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Features native portal app for iOS devices and updated user interface components CHICAGO, IL. CNX announced today the general availability of version 4.1 of the Valence Framework for IBM i. Valence 4.1 introduces new options for developing and running IBM i applications on iOS devices (iPad/iPhone), as well as support for a new set of front-end components for regular desktop apps. Back-end support for IBM i OS 7.2 is also included with this release.

Adding your own Custom Settings to Valence

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As you develop and deploy new web or mobile apps for your Valence users on IBM i, inevitably you will run into situations where you're tempted to hard-code global values into your program to control the behavior of your app.  For instance, perhaps you have a situation where you want to default a date field value out by 10 days, so you place code in your program to take the current date and add 10, knowing that someday some user will inevitably be asking you to change the default to 14 or 7...

Automating the Valence Profile Creation Process

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It goes without saying that most established IBM i sites have lots of active users.  For companies in the process of moving their green screen users into the Valence Portal, setting up appropriately configured Valence profiles for each IBM i user can be an added burden to implementation.  Fortunately, with Valence 4.0 it's no longer necessary to pre-configure a Valence profile for every user logging in to the Valence Portal.

CNX Releases Nitro AutoCode for Valence Framework 4.0

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New tool allows IBM i developers to create inquiry and file maintenance apps in seconds

May 6, 2014 ORLANDO, FL. CNX announced today at the COMMON User Group Annual Meeting and Exposition the Beta release of Nitro AutoCode, a web application generation tool included now as part of Valence Framework 4.0 for IBM i. This new tool allows developers to create high-quality inquiry and file maintenance apps on IBM i in a matter of seconds using a simple wizard-like interface.

CNX Announces Release of Valence Framework 4.0

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Features Reengineered Portal and New Tools for Rapid App Development CHICAGO, IL. CNX announced today the general availability of version 4.0 of the Valence Framework for IBM i. Valence Framework 4.0 features a completely reengineered desktop browser portal as well as new tools for rapid web and mobile app development on IBM i. “This is without a doubt the biggest release of Valence Framework since version 1.0 was first announced nearly six years ago,” said Richard Milone, CNX Chief Technical Officer.

Valence 4.0 is Coming March 17th!

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We're just two weeks away from the official release of Valence 4.0 and we're super excited to introduce this new framework to the IBM i community!  Many thanks to the handful of Beta testers we've been working with over the past month to help ensure the installation and operation of Valence 4.0 is as smooth as it can possibly be. With the sizeable investment we've made in streamlining the user interface for this release, we believe you'll find Valence 4.0 to be a huge hit with your IBM i users as you roll it out.

Fun with Date Formatting

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As an IBM i developer using Valence you will often find opportunities to create apps containing grids with date columns.  In the RPG world, dates are typically stored in physical files using date-type fields with data in *ISO format.   So when it comes time to display those dates in your grid, it’s tempting and easy to leave them in that default format.  But not all users are as comfortable working with YYYY-MM-DD dates as we developers are, so transforming the dates into a format they’re more accustomed to may well be worth your time.