Creating a JSON Web Service in Valence


REST-based web service, with the other end being the "consumer" of said service. Consider this scenario:  You want to give a VIP customer the ability to have their system automatically contact your system to obtain real-time shipment status updates for specific orders being fulfilled by your company.  And as luck would have it, you've already done the legwork to creat an order inquiry Valence app on your system, complete with an RPG program that provides the necessary data for these shipments in JSON format.

Valence 4.2 - Letting the Cat out of the Bag


cat out of the bag!How time flies!  We're well into September now, which means we're just over a month away from the next major release of Valence, version 4.2. While there are a number of goodies being incorporated into this newest release, the biggest items for Valence 4.2 are:

  • PHP support
  • JSON-based web service functionality
  • A new solution for running 5250 programs in the Valence Portal

Here's a quick breakdown of the details behind these features...

Valence Portal now Available in Polish


GDANSK, POLAND.  CNX announced at the COMMON Europe Congress today the general availability of a Polish language version of the Valence Portal for IBM i.  Released as an update to Valence Framework 4.1, the addition of Polish brings the total number of spoken languages available in the Valence Portal to nine, including English. The other included languages are German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Japanese. 

Building a Bridge Between Your 5250 Programs and Valence Apps

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Old UI habits die hard!  You may have developed some of the most beautifully functional and user-friendly Valence apps for your company, but the green screen legacy can still be hard to overcome. So long as your company's operations require at least some 5250 programs to be used -- as is typical for IBM i sites that have been around for a while -- then persuading users to flip from Client Access over to their web browser to do, say, a quick inventory or order look-up in Valence may pose a challenge.

CNX Announces Release of Valence Framework 4.1

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Features native portal app for iOS devices and updated user interface components CHICAGO, IL. CNX announced today the general availability of version 4.1 of the Valence Framework for IBM i. Valence 4.1 introduces new options for developing and running IBM i applications on iOS devices (iPad/iPhone), as well as support for a new set of front-end components for regular desktop apps. Back-end support for IBM i OS 7.2 is also included with this release.