If I can obtain the Valence Framework Community Edition for free, why should I upgrade to the Enterprise Edition?

The Valence Framework Community Edition is primarily intended to allow developers an opportunity to prototype applications, learn the Valence Framework and deploy to a maximum of five concurrent sessions at no cost. If you are able to limit your use of the Valence Framework to this level then no license fees are due to CNX and you can continue to develop applications with the Valence Framework under the Community Edition license. Purchasing an Enterprise license gives you access to a year of Valence Framework maintenance (which includes updates and support), use of valuable Enterprise-only features and an unlimited number of concurrent sessions on one IBM i. In addition, the purchase of a Valence Framework Enterprise license includes a Sencha Ext JS Pro 5-Pack which includes useful development tools including Sencha Architect.  See the Valence Editions & Pricing page for a table that compares the features of each edition.