New features in Nitro App Builder

  • Tree Grid Widget - A novel new widget that acts as a hybrid of both a tree and a grid for more advanced data rendering needs

  • Super Column Headers - You can now configure grid headings that span across the top of multiple columns

  • Stateful User Filters - Filter entries can be configured to "stick" so users don't have to re-key filter values on a subsequent launches of an app

  • Enhanced Chart Action - Added series-specific behavior events for multi-series charts for added interaction; Also added a secondary axis configuration option

  • Additional Theming Choices - More color options have been added to better align with the color palette for app icons

  • Designer Streamlining - Security functions have been merged into Behaviors, providing a more complete picture of an app's functionality in one page

  • App Export/Import - Numerous improvements have been made for exporting apps from one Valence instance and importing to another

Other new features

  • Spool File Viewer - Spool files can now be displayed as PDFs, including support for AFPDS files

  • Instance Manager Improvements - You can now make a back-end batch call to update any instance to the latest build

  • IBM Virtual Serial Number Support - Valence licensing can now be based on new IBM i virtual serial numbers for license portability

  • Password Expiration - A password expiration interval can now be set in Portal Admin for Valence-specific (non-IBM i) users

  • Portal Admin Tag and Filtering Support - Tags and filters can now be used in most sections of Portal Admin to make identifying records easier, especially in larger deployments

  • Fusion5250 Improvements - Sessions can now detect various communications failures and gracefully attempt to reconnect without restarting the app

This is just a partial list. For a complete list of new features in Valence 6.1 please see the release notes at

See Valence 6.1 in Action

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