The Evolution of Valence App Development

The Evolution of Valence App Development

In this video Richard Milone, co-founder of CNX, takes an interesting walkthrough of the three major generations of Valence and how they have evolved over time. A particular emphasis is placed on how much more productive you can be developing with the latest generation of Valence, especially when using the Nitro App Builder.

12 minutes, 27 seconds

Building Your First Valence App with Sencha Architect 3

Building Your First Valence App with Sencha Architect 3

Richard Milone brings you through the entire process of creating the LoadAllGrid example app. Learn how to start with the Valence app Template, use the Test RPG Call app to generate a data model to connect to your RPG program and how to use Sencha Architect 3 to graphically design the app. Finally learn how to test and deploy the app through the Valence Portal.

18 minutes, 20 seconds

Setting Up Sencha Architect 3 (Windows)

Setting Up Sencha Architect 3 (Windows)

Learn how to install Sencha Architect 3 to your Windows PC and get ready to develop the user interface portion of your Valence Framework apps. This video also includes other important steps like installing software dependencies (Java Runtime Environment and Ruby) as well as how to map a network drive to your IBM i and test that Sencha Architect 3 is working properly. Note: Mac users can install the OS X version of Sencha Architect and in most cases not worry about dependencies--a JRE and Ruby are already on your Mac by default.

16 minutes, 48 seconds

Valence 5.2 API & Guides.

Valence 5.2 API Docs

The Valence 5.2 API docs serve as the home for all front-end and back-end specifications pertinent to developing Valence apps.  It includes the Valence RPG Toolkit service program (VVSRVPGM) procedures, valence.js JavaScript utilities, and specs for interfacing with the mobile Valence Portal.  The docs include helpful RPG and JavaScript example code to demonstrate how the procedures and methods are used.

Valence 5.2 Guides

Go to the Valence 5.2 guides to learn about how to administer the Valence Portal and use various included apps such as Nitro File Editor, Nitro AutoCode, Nitro Source Editor, Nitro iAdmin, Instance Manager and more.  Also includes extensively detailed docs on using the powerful Nitro App Builder to create your own desktop browser and mobile apps with little or no coding.


VersionFile size
5.2.20180518.0 317.81MB

Valence Universal 5.2

It's here! The Valence you've come to love is now available for Linux, Windows and OS X servers in beta.  For now the beta is limited to existing customers only.  If you are an existing CNX customer and would like to try Valence Universal, please email your request to

5.1.20180512.0 296.42MB