Do more, faster.

You’re under pressure to get your apps in the hands of users as soon as possible. Super-quick development and support of high-quality enterprise software is our specialty.

Rely on best practices.

When the foundation is sound, you can build on your app without breaking it. So you can grow to accommodate future needs without spending time and money on remedial fixes.

Avoid disruption and risk.

There’s no need to rip and replace your IT infrastructure. Keep your IBM i, add Valence apps over your existing data, and transform the way users work in an orderly way. We’ll even help design IBM i apps that you can easily migrate to another platform, should that ever become necessary.

Valence professional services.

Business Analysis

Elucidate business problems.

App Design

Devise practical solutions.

App Development

Realize new business capabilities.

App Deployment

Simplify and support transformation.

App Refinement

Build new and enhanced features.


Bring expert guidance to your team.

Development Assistance

Get answers and enhance your skills.

General Consulting

Get IT help beyond Valence and IBM i.

Valence training.

Formal training unlocks the full power of Valence for professional developers. We offer comprehensive Valence training courses at the CNX Training Center in Chicago or on-site at your own facility.

These are not off-the-shelf courses. We customize the training curriculum to your specific needs. Become an expert in your choice of Nitro App Builder, RPG Developer Toolkit, JavaScript programming, mobile app design, advanced Valence techniques and more.

Our expert-level instructors have many years of Valence development experience and are ready to impart the specific skill sets you need for your business — at your learning pace, at your convenience.

office training

Valence Enhanced Service Level Agreement

For the most dependable support for your production Valence apps and the highest level of developer assistance, our Valence Enhanced SLA provides broad, responsive support services from CNX experts along with additional valuable entitlements.

Enhanced Support Package

Choose our enhanced support package including all these benefits, or contact us to customize a support package tailored to your needs.

 What's included
Premium Customer App Support
Enhanced Development Support
Four-Hour Annual Entitlement
Priority Development Scheduling
No-Cost Migration Assistance
Discounted Rate
Term and Renewal
Base Cost
Terms and Service

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