Our company needed to implement a Business to Business solution for enabling our customers to order directly through our back end ERP application in a simple to use, web portal. With limited time to implement and inconvenient timing on all fronts, the core application was built as a joint effort at the CNX offices over a three week period and went live a month later. This would not have been possible without the deep knowledge, commitment and willingness to meet challenges by the dedicated staff at CNX. The input provided by the talented staff at CNX and the excellent functionality of the EXT JS framework were invaluable in making a complicated process appear simple and intuitive to the end users, a requirement absolutely critical to the success of the solution. I would thoroughly recommend CNX for the development of EXT JS based solutions.

Peter Sioufi
CIO at Smeg Australia
Hired CNX in 2015

In 2014 Frontier started the process of modernizing our user GUI from a green screen application into a modern HTML 5 application. After analyzing multiple options we decided that the best company and application framework for that effort was CNX’s Valence framework, which included ExtJs and a program to facilitate creating JSON API’s that ExtJs could consume. Working with CNX during the proof of concept was leaps and bounds better than working with any other vendor I’ve had the opportunity to work with.

The resources they make available to learn and use ExtJs, such as videos, documentation and developers, were second to none and they even took the time to help with any questions and improve the POC application. Whenever I had questions they were always just a phone call away and that was even before we had purchased the framework. After the proof of concept Frontier decided to contract CNX to help create several applications over our back office systems. Working on these applications with CNX has been amazing. Their development staff are rare gems that have nothing but their customers best interests in mind. The speed at which they accomplish tasks is way beyond expectations. They are so skilled and efficient that we often find that the Frontier resources fall behind the CNX staff. If anyone is looking for ExtJs expertise I would highly recommend CNX and their team of amazing staff.

Tim Miller
IT Principle Lead Developer/Architect at Frontier Communications
Hired CNX in 2015

TransWorks hired CNX in October 2014 and we have been very pleased with our experience – CNX has been extremely professional and easy to work with, and has really helped to elevate the UX design at our company. If it weren’t for their abilities, we would not be where we are today in delivering a superior UX to our customer base. I would recommend CNX to any company looking for a great partner in UX design and development!

Kim Lyman, PMP
AVP, Customer Support & Project Management at TransWorks
Hired CNX in 2014

The guys at CNX Corporation are fantastic with Ext JS. No matter what I get stuck on, I can send them an email or post on their support forum and I always get a correct answer by next day. The example code they wrote in Ext JS is terrific, gave me a huge jump start writing my own applications. I’ve attended their training class on the MVC framework and it was one of best training classes I’ve ever attended. Can’t say enough good things about this company and their talent.

Terry Bridges
IT Manager/Developer at Luvata
Hired CNX Corporation in 2011

We contracted CNX to develop a kanban dashboard app to visually track kanban signals and replenishments both intra and interplant. The project was a huge success and has since been rolled out to several of our plants. Users continually comment on the timesaving this allows. It is one of the most useful modules we have implemented to enhance our manufacturing performance and inventory goals. CNX’s innovation and understanding of our needs was a major contributor to it’s success.

Darryl Klein
Project Manager at Klein Tools Inc
Hired CNX Corporation in 2009

The CNX development team consistently demonstrates an ability to provide the highest quality of service. Their knowledge of ExtJS and expertise in web design and development has played an integral role in modernization of our member centric systems. The ExtJS framework is incredibly robust with new features appearing on a regular basis. Their ability to stay current with new ExtJS innovations is an asset any development shop will appreciate!! Placing the presentation layer in the hands of our ExtJS experts at CNX while we remain focused on core component innovations has proven to be a winning combination for Symmetrical Solutions and its clients.

Craig D. Ostovich
Partner at Symmetrical Solutions, Inc.
Hired CNX Corporation in 2009

The CNX team assisted us in launching our pilot project for redeveloping a major application utilizing the Ext JS framework. Their knowledge and expertise was a key factor in getting the overall project established with a strong design and foundation. We anticipate putting our pilot project into production within the next several weeks. It will be on time and on budget. This would not have been possible without their excellent work.

Randy Mason
Senior Systems Analyst/Developer at Jackson Family Enterprises
Hired CNX Corporation in 2011

CNX has done an excellent job creating applications using ExtJS. CNX has very knowledgeable developers, capable of designing, building, and supporting ExtJS 3.x and 4.x (MVC) applications. Everyone I have spoken to at CNX has been very professional, friendly and willing to provide help with any ExtJS related issues.

Raymond Kanemeier
Programmer Analyst at Fleet Pride
Hired CNX Corporation in 2012

As we have developed our applications they have been very helpful at every stage of the process. We can post a problem on there forums and they get back to very quickly for less urgent matters. For more urgent matters they respond to our e-mail’s and calls promptly. The thing though that makes it all work for us is the high level of expertise they have in ExtJs. Even the new version 4 they have mastered. This is of tremendous value as we go through the migration process.

Gordon Schneider
President/Lead Developer at Sponsorship Management Software Ltd.
Hired CNX Corporation in 2010

CNX was hired to develop a new and improved billing system for our large Law Firm in downtown Chicago. As the Project Manager, I worked closely with first the primary developer and later with additional development staff. My experiences were completely positive from the development to the successful project launch. I appreciated the input CNX solicited from those impacted by the new system. CNX took all input and found ways to not only incorporate our needs but went beyond to add features and benefits. We followed standard practices with user acceptance testing and monitoring conversion. I loved this project and it had to do with two factors; working with CNX was inspiring and fun and the response from the user community. I cannot tell you the frequency with which I heard how much the end users love the new system; for it’s efficiency of design and ease of use with very little learning curve. We have additional proposals for CNX awaiting approval and development.

Ann Cole
Project Manager at Pierce & Associates
Hired CNX Corporation in 2010