VV100 – Valence Nitro Query App Builder


This course is intended for the those who need to create Valence apps quickly with little or no programming.  You will learn how to use Nitro Query App Builder to create Nitro Query app definitions using Data Sources and graphical Widgets complete with behaviors that allow the user to navigate, drill down, view and update data.  This course will help you significantly shorten your learning curve by leveraging the experience of the instructor to understand Nitro Query App Builder best practices. This course is mostly hands-on lab work.

Please bring your own laptop (Mac or PC) with you to class.



  • Learn how to pull any data from your system using a wizard, SQL statement or RPG program
  • Gain insight into ways to visually represent data such as with charts, grids, forms and maps
  • Understand how to create a query app using widgets
  • Discover ways to make widgets interact with one another using “behaviors”
  • Learn how to customize the look of your widgets through the use of colors and custom formatting
  • Discover how to use data sources as a list of selections for a form field
  • Understand how to use a custom RPG program to validate, pre-populate and process business logic
  • Discover how to theme your query apps
  • Understand how to set up links between different Nitro Query apps and other non-query apps

Course Details

Course ID VV100
Duration 2 Days
Price $1,500 per attendee

CNX Training Center
217 N Jefferson St, Suite 450
Chicago, IL 60661

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