VV203 – Valence Development with Sencha Architect


The release of Valence 4.0 in March 2014 brings direct integration with Sencha Architect! Valence developers can now utilize this GUI designer to develop Valence apps. This course is intended for experienced Valence developers, or attendees who have recently completed VV202. Attendees will learn how to create several Valence example apps with Sencha Architect and how to save, test and deploy those apps in the Valence Portal.

Please bring your own laptop (Mac or PC) with you to class. You will also need the latest Sencha Architect installed, which you can do on the first day of class if necessary.

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  • Discover how to set up and configure a Sencha Architect app to work with Valence
  • Learn how to save and test your Sencha Architect app within Valence
  • Become familiar with the new Valence Developer Token and how it is used during development with Sencha Architect
  • Understand how Valence can automatically generate Sencha Architect data models
  • Discover CNX best-practices development techniques for using Sencha Architect with Valence


VV202 is highly recommended as a prerequisite to this course. Attendees are expected be knowledgeable of general Ext JS development principles before registering for this course.


This course is designed for licensed Valence developers only. No general Ext JS developers are permitted to register.

Course Details

Course ID VV203
Duration 2 Days
Price $1,500 per attendee

CNX Training Center
217 N Jefferson St, Suite 450
Chicago, IL 60661

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