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Start your transformation today, with zero risk. Individual developers can explore the power of Valence, prototype applications, and write small-scale apps for internal company use.


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Enterprise Edition

Transform your entire organization by enabling all Valence and Nitro App Builder apps for an unlimited number of users on a single IBM i partition.

Perpetual licensing or monthly subscriptions available. Click button below to request a quote.
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Commercial Edition

Transform your world, with all the features and benefits of Enterprise Edition, plus the unlimited ability to deploy commercial applications to external partners and customers.


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Get started with Valence for free. Upgrade anytime to meet your enterprise and commercial needs.


Create prototypes and small-scale apps for internal use.


Build unlimited apps and serve unlimited users on a single IBM i partition.


Deploy commercial apps for internal and external use.

Valence Portal 5 user limit
Nitro App Builder (NAB) Free for 90 days
Nitro App Builder Examples Free for 90 days
Valence RPG Toolkit Free for 90 days
Nitro iAdmin Free for 90 days
Nitro File Editor Free for 90 days
Nitro IFS Explorer Free for 90 days
Spool File Viewer Free for 90 days
Instance Manager Free for 90 days
Fusion5250 Emulator Free for 90 days
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Important Licensing Information


License prices above are for 1 IBM i serial number, 1 partition. The 2nd and 3rd partitions licensed are available at a 50% discount of the price of the 1st partition license. The 4th partition license and higher are available at a 66% discount off the price of the 1st license. If you have multiple systems and partitions or any other special licensing requests, please request a quote from CNX.  


All enterprise licenses are for unlimited developers and unlimited users. Size, processor group and role of system partitions is not considered in pricing, with the exception of high-availability (or mirrored) systems. High availability systems receive an additional 50% discount from the non-high availability license price.  


When licensing individual groups, group 0 is always required as a prerequisite to other groups. Group 0 may also be licensed by itself.  


Subscription pricing includes support, updates and new versions of the software. No separate annual maintenance payments are required.  


There are no fees for transferring a subscription license from one system or partition to another. However, if you require frequent transfers, you must agree to receive keys automatically from the CNX licensing server.  


Prices are subject to change without notice. However, you may purchase up to two years of monthly subscription in advance to lock in current pricing for that time period.  


All Valence software and services are provided under the terms of the applicable CNX software license and services terms. For full license and service terms, please review the applicable CNX agreement. Support does not cover: (1) development work for your code or apps; (2) resolving problems caused by misuse, neglect or abuse of Valence; (3) resolving problems external to Valence, including end user network, firewall, systems, hardware, third party software, or data; or (4) resolving problems caused by modifications to Valence not made by CNX. CNX reserves the right to charge for time spent diagnosing or remedying problems not covered by support.  


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Valence Professional Services provide consulting on Valence app design, programming, training, project management and more. Purchase services on an hourly basis or in cost-saving value packs (unused Valence Professional Services hours expire one year after date of purchase).