An advanced web application development and runtime system for the IBM i.

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Create World-Class web apps on IBM i using Ext JS, Sencha Architect, Autocode, and the Valence RPG Toolkit. Valence’s app development tools include everything RPG programmers need to quickly move data to and from the browser. You’ll be able to combine the power and scalability of your IBM i with  user-friendly web-based interfaces.  Learn more >

Go Mobile!  Use Valence to create native touchscreen apps for iPads, iPhones and Android-based devices. Make it possible for your mobile users to access their applications while on-the-go.  The same RPG code serving your web-based apps can be used to feed the mobile app equivalents with no back-end changes required. Learn more >

Empower your Power Users, Developers and Operators with Valence Nitro Tools. Create graphs, inquiry grids and dashboards over your IBM i data in minutes using Nitro Query — no programming required!   Edit source code and view/edit/download IBM i database files all within your browser.  Manage common IBM i operations through an intuitive smartphone app. Learn more >

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Come to Chicago for hands-on Valence instruction led by RPG programmers.
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Valence comes with many example programs featuring popular, state-of-the-art browser and mobile components–grids, forms, trees, drag and drop routines, and more. With full RPG and JavaScript source code included, developers can quickly extend the logic to create their own apps. Watch now >

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