Valence 5.1 has launched!
What is Valence? A Suite of Development and Runtime Software designed to handle all modern application needs for IBM i.
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What’s New in 5.1

Valence 5.1 adds the following advanced features to Nitro Query, in addition to its already powerful ability to generate dashboards and general apps for both desktop and mobile:

  • Edit Grids with Joined Files
    Create maintenance apps that can access and update multiple files at once
  • External RPG Calls
    Nitro Query apps can now call RPG programs to act on front-end user actions
  • Convert Green Screen Queries to Web or Mobile Apps
    Nitro Query can now import directly from STRQRY
  • SQL-based Queries
    Directly paste in SQL statements for instant conversion to a grid or spreadsheet
  • Advanced Analytics
    Added a new Pivot Grid widget to organize and summarize large data sets
  • Custom Renderers
    Nitro Query apps can now include images, icons, links and text formatting in any grid columns
  • Node.js support
    Developers can now use Node.js in lieu of (or in addition to) RPG, PHP or Java for server-side logic (this feature is in beta–customers wanting to try Node.js should contact CNX)


What’s included?

For starters, Valence comes with Sencha Ext JS, the best JavaScript framework for building data-intensive web apps.

Manage all aspects of user access with the Valence Portal and handle service programs with the RPG Toolkit.

The collection of Nitro apps handle the rest from creating queries, file maintenance and managing IBM i operations.  Learn more >


Create world-class web apps on IBM i with Valence

  • Quick start with Nitro Query or AutoCode.
  • Use Sencha Architect for UI and RPG for server-side.
  • Or, pure Ext JS dev for UI with RPG for server-side.

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