What’s Included

Build amazing IBM i apps for browsers and touchscreens using RPG and basic JavaScript. 

Valence runs natively on IBM i using ILE RPG and the free Apache Web Server — no WebSphere® Application Server, Java or PHP knowledge required!


Sencha Ext JS

An advanced JavaScript framework created by Sencha and optimized for enterprise business applications.

  • Features include auto-complete, pop-up windows, expandable trees, drag-and-drop, tab panels, grids with sortable columns, charts and graphs and much more.
  • Framework provides all the tools required to create mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Blackberry smartphones.

Valence RPG Toolkit

Everything an RPG programmer needs for state-of-the-art Web app development

New in version 5.0:

  • New JSON and HTTP utilities
  • Added Java and PHP support
  • Service program enables RPG programs to communicate with the browser and its Web 2.0 components
  • Send physical file or RPG array data directly to front-end browser grids, trees, etc. (and vice-versa)
  • Route embedded SQL results straight to the browser with one line of RPG code
  • Retrieve multiple fields from a browser page using a standard RPG data structure
  • Move JavaScript array data from the browser into an equivalent RPG array
  • Utility procedures for working with IFS folders and files
  • Integrated PDF generator—use simple RPG procedures to create PDF files
  • Integrated spreadsheet support—create formatted Excel or CSV downloads
  • Integrated email support—send email straight from your RPG programs

Valence Nitro Apps

A robust set of apps bundled with Valence that will let you:

  • WRKACTJOB and more in the palm of your hand.
  • Quickly create IBM i inquiry apps with no programming.
  • Access your IBM i database quickly and easily.
  • …. and more!

See the Nitro Apps

Valence Portal

A powerful and intuitive tab-based portal for logging in to your IBM i and launching browser applications.

Upon logging on to the IBM i using the Valence Viewport, users are presented with a customizable navigation tree. The logos and graphics of this screen can be customized to reflect your company’s identity.




  • New in 5.0: Completely reengineered. Run your IBM i apps in a super modern UI
  • Easily administer users, groups, programs and menus
  • Automatically handles library list overrides, user swapping and security checks
  • Optionally create multiple names in different languages for all your applications/folders/environments/etc.
  • Add custom exit programs to perform special functions when users log in, log out or launch specific applications
  • Accommodate non-Valence web applications, including other internal or external web pages
  • Smartphone ready! The portal automatically detects when being run on a mobile device and switches to a mobile-friendly page