Valence Includes Everything You Need
to Create Modern IBM i Apps


Valence Portal

A powerful and intuitive portal for managing secure access to your IBM i apps.  Includes a desktop browser portal as well as portal apps for iOS and Android.


Nitro Query App Builder

The most popular Valence feature! Create advanced data-driven query apps with charts, lists, forms, maps and other components quickly with NO programming.


Sencha Ext JS

Ext JS is a JavaScript framework created by Sencha and optimized for enterprise business applications–it’s what gives Valence its rich user interface.  Advanced developers can optionally learn Ext JS to unlock the full potential of Valence.


Valence RPG Toolkit

A robust toolkit that empowers RPG programmers with everything they need for modern web app development.  Also includes bonus features like generating PDFs, Excel files, and sending email.


Nitro AutoCode

Generate high-quality inquiry and file maintenance apps in minutes with full source code.  These apps can be used as-is or the source code can be edited directly to add more functionality.


Nitro Source Editor

A great tool for managing files on the IFS right from a browser.  It’s fast and lightweight and also can be used to edit files, zip/unzip and upload/download files.


Valence iAdmin

Manage your IBM i with a truly modern user interface.  Answer MSGW’s, review system status and operator messages, enable/disable users, review subsystems and job info all from one user-friendly Valence app.


Nitro File Editor

View and edit any IBM i database file directly from this Valence app.  You can easily configure what columns you want to see from a file and rearrange them on screen to create “views” which can be saved and reopened later.  You can even download data directly to Excel.


Instance Manager

Use this Valence app to create and manage multiple “instances” of Valence on a single IBM i.  This is helpful if you need to isolate development, quality control and production work and you have only one IBM i partition or system.


  • Condé Nast
  • Symmetrical Solutions
  • Adeptia